Anticipating Morning Suns Return

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30" X 40"
Anticipating Morning Suns Return


And it comes once again as it has done for the expanse of time once stated and limited by others like me. Like the warmth of grandmother's fingers touching my face, the sun noiselessly beams the rays that give such life to the green that enlivens the sphere on which I sleep.

In space the universe mechanics without reach and sound, the galaxy's clock does move to allow the day to start. I rejoice in this the spoken Word that allows this to happen. I alight and sit and for a fleeting moment understand it all. Consciousness does not elude me for this moment and I know the purpose for which "I am" here Thanks for that.

He lays prone like me to mimic rest and then no it is just to lay prone because that is what He wants to do. I stretch and He watches in wonderment and glee at the creation of me the likeness of His image In this our own personal game of Simon Says. Yet I have choice to follow or not.

It is the "I am" game. To bring proof of the right use of will. In His image, In His image, In His image "I am" the shadow of Him. Not because I have been told rather because I know and have known since the "I am" infinity.

This iridescent place of morning He is mine, we speak and I do hear Him. He stirs and I do feel the movement in my soul Reassurance mine He is there as infinitely promised when I once could see Him, Hear Him and sit in His lap without guessing that actions are to be in His shadow. Allow the continuum of being it has been commanded.

Hinder not the movement toward the "I am" Simon Says Game Suppress not the other shadows with me to play. I am not alone in the hearing of Experience. "I am" because He said so. I play because addicted am I to sensation of the soul movement, that stirring of life forward to the birth of being, the push of the will to practice the shadow of His experience until I get it just right.

In His image, In His image, In His image. "I am" "I will it" Simon says so. continued

In His image, In His image, In His image Truly not a game you know? I adore the movement of my soul. "I am!" His shadow. He, says so!