In Color I Hear It

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36" X 48"
In Color I Heaar It


And yes I realize that I am Not Buddha

Yet I love The stillness of the waters

Knowing that I am not Just Any ordinary man

Murky water gives rise to Stagnation

We are all far from that

Ludocrity that My life is meaningless

I was a fish once... and there was another one with me. One day He decided to go and He did go walking away. stayed not I sadly though, quite content I was and still am....

I had walked and waltzed long, long ago. The waters now for me are healthy. Content also yet to see Him every so often looking in at me.

I am not a tree and neither are you. We are more like birds that perch. Yet you always fly away. continued Fiedler-6

This is my heart's reflection. My mind has nothing to do with it. The heart has no map. My beat is true and has never failed me.

The color of Winter is the purist white, It is the prisms that multiply infinitefold colors From the solitude of one.

The wind moves chimes, making music. In the melody the wind has meaning. In the solitude, understanding. In color I hear it all.

The Joy started that first night when a pair of prisms Looked into the pair of prisms Just across the way.

The rainbow created then was seen by all. I will see you soon. In color I hear it all

In prayer have I grown legs. Time has brought me voice. Sharing has brought voice a purpose.

My purpose is to pray. Even while standing. In color I hear it all