The Leap

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36" X 48"
The Leap

His Face I Touched

There are not stories told of soft and great love enough of this world. But here is one blurred in a dream with color, tears real.

Flowered rose beauty of a brother born to the older. He watched and did see the actions of the other. In mother's lap he did nurture and learn of the mother's pain that she knew. Her joy she shared also that one missed nothing that could be felt or tasted or touched. He knew quite solidly that his days had been numbered.

The heat of his hand is still pulsing my little fingers as he waved it in front of his black pearl eyes. It was not long before his hands held a hammer and built the woods at the direction of Him. And at a short rest he found a lady in white with blue sashes. She had breath with heart beats of love and adoration. His hands now grown did he share with her his tenderness and passion.

Mother knew it would be hard to let go but silent and silence was kept in her eyes I did know. And shored in the silence of knowing. Who said ignorance is bliss? I know this as truth. Would unbarred silence reverse my brother's birth path to end in the night?

He flew off the roof tops once, as a young child, age six. He had wings of a towel tied to his shoulders. With faith and trust did he take flight off the rooftop. But he did not take wing as he explained later, "I just ran out of gas!" There was trouble in the catch of planned things with God at the helm.

I must confess, no trust in my eye, my head in control. But yet I said nothing and allowed the plan to go by. Until that time the plan was realized real and that dream of far gone, the clock was to tick. Away and away and away at his woods.

With the lady Miss Mary, in white and blue sashes did stand at his side. She strengthened the throngs of us, those that required. Exhausted and spent, his side she never swerved, Blessed Mother to emulate. The time had come and at this he was blinded. He bid pain farewell and it opened his world to questions, numerous grains of sands.

I had answers for most with my head in control lest my heart would burst. Accepted he did for his spirit was whole. He did light up when I placed my head to rest. And spoke I, with tangible spirit of which He did control. I stood to the side my body I could see as from the corner I watched the words that I spoke.

Given to me from my heart to brother. The comfortable peace awashed his hungry eyes. Oh, content hundreds of times finally for him to just fall asleep. But the last question he promised me with earnest and wonderment, fear at the corners. "Dear brother older, please answer as you have before from your head or your heart." "For I really know not the answer, then silent I will become!"..... "How do I die?"

Now here he sat in decades for learning and love. No thought of black holes or spaces above. His feet only steps a day away and now has realized the sidewalks have ended. The cliff for him was not far as he stood to remember the girl in white with blue sashes. Heaved, did his chest in determined listening to my answer.

What my eyes did..... were wide open. My chest did peel open and heart it did split and out came the radiant light that shone in his face. The pain and fear squelched. And I spoke only with motion. My arms did take hold of that brother of mine. Tears did we mix that day for eons and washed away both of our fears. "Not alone I promise, not alone!"

The scene soon changed to the Light room. And the day before, the night before, he slept, I witnessed his God conversations. I learned as I heard what little brother asked and perceived that Another shared answers. Alone he was not, not this night. My flesh told me so.

The day brought a vision of Jesus, was with him in this light. But reach he could not to touch His face, brother a broken stone in bed. So he asked me to put out my hand and learn the face of the Man in his Light room. "Report of that touch to me big brother!", little brother called to me. So that he could know what would soon be regular experience.

So, as I was asked, to reach I did and touched this Light Face. Whom, I must tell you, earnestly gazed at my brother broken in bed. Brother confirmed in gasp delight, I was feathering with fingers the face of the Son. And inquired as to what I could tell him. My hand could not leave this countenance and with peace I was filled.

Now I was the answerer all this long while and ner' never not words could I offer. But again I was stumped on how I could show him, His face I touched was real. For me, I decided to ask in His presence, "How do I show him?" The whisperer of Light and in color I heard how my brother would know the touch of His face. So carefully I rose and sat at the edge of the bed.

Took I, the small hand of his in mine and helped him I did to feel his face of his own. Brother felt his forehead and eyes and nose, square soft chin, the man that he was. I said then, "His face feels as this face...... the one of your own." A man He is and as taught we have known, in His image have we been made. The tears again came at corners for both as truths were given real.....real for our Host.

So brother marveled in silence and then the glint did warn me another question would whisper out. "Then brother, why has He come to one whom is only like me?" "To fulfill dearest brother," I answered. "As always He did and does so this day. Not alone in the darkness, fear is forced to be put away. Not alone to your fear nor your question for here as He promised in person. He has chosen to claim His keep.

He has known all along this moment would come to reach out dear brother. And fear not for this Light. It is The Truth and The Way for all of us to go when it is time to follow. He is your shepherd and you are a sheep. He proves in his presence, there will be no wolf for you. You know this now for His face have you touched. I swear on His countenance that you are in, no doubt, in company of a Man whom is quite safe."

"My chest is agape big brother, as you know," he returned. "I want to hide you in there with my heart. I love you, for you have shown me the face that I have has been all along; Proof of the Light of this Man whose' company I know I will always forever, infinity, be in. No questions further do I have for you big brother. Now I state this to you, I have no pain nor fear. I truly must go!"

And the grasp of me did finally let go and his spirit was lifted to the Light. Soon there was no difference in brightness of twain for perceived I did, they became one. The consciousness completed, his body is now a bit bigger, it is whole. The room filled with others, Angels rejoicing. We all wept with the lady in white and blue sashes, arms reach she will always be.

So now I realized this, that my teacher all along at this moment, was to be my little brother. A carpenter man with hands for wood now present with Almighty Light. For with Him and this experience I would have never been able to say, "His face I touched!" Yet I still live to write and to tell all that this story was, is true. Just be still, close your eyes and breathe in. I pray your Light to get bigger in consciousness. For that time of blessing, when it comes, you will be paired with Him.