Reflections of Faith Hope and Love

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48" X 60"
Reflections of Faith Hope & Love


Relax said the voice from Heaven
And, This I say unto you my Beloved
You are a soldier, Unlike many known to this world
but many like you this world needs.

Your truth and light cannot be found so easily
Ah, I say you are great, and I am
fortunate to have such a friend.

The Blue around you is cool and calming,
peaceful and guiding.
The red in you is loving and intense.
The yellow about you is generous.
And we know of your green.
The healer, teacher, experiencer.

The most giving man I've known.
Striving for sainthood and the only Angel I know.
in the physical form.

I say you are blessed. I see it each time I see you.
I know it each time I hear you.
Humble, Humble Man, let me tell you.
You are gold next to coal, the pearl
next to sand.

Bring your talents to you and up from you.
Show them to the World
And you will for the World is awaiting.

Chosen.... What a wonderful decision you made
to be chosen-
"The words that I speak unto you,
they are spirit, and they are life."

John 6:63



In the morning when you cry and don't know why,
remember me

The aroma you sense and no image comes to mind,
remember me.

When you think you have the answer and no recollection of the question,
remember me.

My significance is insignificant,
but I am real.

The honesty in me cannot not be felt,
I am the purest.

From the day it rained when you were a child and you had the
most sudden notion of everything only to forget in the next second,
I have been there.

From the time you were a youngster in school
and laughed at a joke you thought was cruel
and you wished you hadn't,
I have known you.
I am not dark, though you may perceive me so.
I cannot be because I am pure.

You have yelled in fields and you have cuddled next to the fireplace,
And I was there.

You have always felt me, but have forgotten what I feel like.

Like the day you sat underneath the tree when you were a young teen,

The first time you began to know your blessings,
I was there.
I am pure.

You were so unsure, but I was not.
The time when you were on all fours looking that dog in the eye, you
knew I was there.
And you have always felt me,
but forgot what I feel like.

The day you danced on the hard wood floor, letting go , you wondered if someone would walk in,
I was there.
I am the heart and the long.

The day you bathed and dunked your head and came back up scared.
I was there and you felt me.

And then forgot what I felt like.
But I am the purest.
I cannot be evil.

The second hand ticks,
but there is no face on my clock.
I will always endure with you.

Day by day we've placed ourselves to this moment and the many to come.
Do not fear me.
I endure you and with you.
I am dear to you.

And I dare you from the purest realm of essence to look at me the way you looked at the dog, to yell at me the way you yelled in the field ,
to know me as a blessing,
to laugh at me,
to cry and love me.
Embrace me.
Embrace me with all of you.

In other words, embrace yourself, and you have done all this.



The light came this day, it was not relenting and din was made silent.
Honey suckle and roses bloom all about and the chimes of the church bells,
tones of the body solid heard without noise.
stillness of the movement of breathing ceased, to over come shells of walls.
Masks of onesself.
There is no more reason for this.
It is safe in this place.
It is fragrant hearing this in peace.
Palatial learning and faction of the self.
There is no forgetting here.
No retribution just the kiss of the butterfly wing.
That gentle coaxing to bloom as the purpose in which it was meant.
Give glory to the purpose of this permission in patience.
Not to rush the end.
Turn not the page of the book as it has been written and will change only if directed.
No end never need to come to the written.
Permission to be self.
Light comes to carress not judge,
Guide not force,
Share sweetness of hearing the butterfly wind.
Forgiveness not damnation.
Growth tendered with this is the way.
I see myself in the light...
I am okay.
No more masks.