Star Seeds (a meditation focal point)

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36" X 36"
Star Seeds

Ode to Starseeds

'Tis a vision of space, pallet of blue gray, silent encompassing community star race.
No attention, rows just a campus of vibrating molds.
Off shoots one in cumbersome fun and gray larks the heat of the night.
Straight for a field crashes meteor to me afar off the grove it's in sight.

A path like mine my feet on the ground, bee line did my peds take me.
The glass of my eye did spy the reflection of what fell from the sky.
Afraid not I but caution still as I found upon 'Starseed'.
Radiance shielded anticipant, luminous light!

Egg shaped and masked of rough hues, black and charred shell.
The lava of ground red with anger, it's disturbance unkind and unyielding.
Nor marks to the sphere's shell was seen.

Although, hot to the sight the heat beckoned to me to come hither.
Bark and squall did not the entity but pure and plea to understand.
So forgive me, I did get closer still and reached, armed by the light of the heavy full moon.
And shakily cupped the pod, alive was the center of space.

So words did happen between biped and the Starseed till trust was uncovered.
And split open the seed pod did!
A light did shine not evident of it's world by eyes of inquiry and touch.
The love of it's first sight was one interpreted to be kind.

Questions were answered and asked, Starseed of me.
And to the best that my rock could offer, the light of its self did grow!
Until such time it was time to let go, beds of roses never to share.
But to be there for that I would.

Trust to be there I am.
To hold out the hand to protect from any force I should, as I should.
And promise to come running for any pain.
So far the furtherance of outreach to take more than the innocent, the vision of Starseed stood.

I'll be there for them.
When the moon shall shed light on the company kept for Starseed and their bed of roses.
But friends are not foes and everyone knows to stand strong.
Stands rewarded one who completes the walk in the road as I.

One looks toward the sky for that streak once again.
In one's passion for another Starseed that will stay with me.
To share the trust in fragrant roses and my seas.
This time will come, patience waits silent upward gaze not in vain.